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Release Date: August 26, 2013


Pianist Bruce Dudley’s 2012 release, The Solo Sessions, is a sparkling addition to Dudley’s discography, featuringbrilliant solo performances of jazz standards including “Darn That Dream” and “You and the Night and The Music,” the pop hit “Julia” by John Lennon, and inventive original compositions penned by the pianist, all played with Dudley’strademark lyricism, touch and wit.  “The Solo Sessions” is a gorgeous example of Bruce Dudley’s mastery of both the piano and the American art-form known as jazz.  Jazz Music City is very proud that we have added the name of such a well-respected and accomplished artist, composer, and educator to our roster.  Bruce Dudley’s musicianship features all the beautiful contradictions great jazz artists offers any listener, all at once down-to-earth yet elegant, studious yet imaginative, rooted yet inventive, surprising yet comforting.

Track Listing:

  1. Sailing With Sanrda
  2. Take Me Back
  3. Darn That Dream
  4. You And The Night And The Music
  5. Jane Somebody
  6. Rubix Cubix
  7. Julia
  8. Rhymtune
  9. Saari
  10. Spring Equinox
  11. Jim Nobody
Darn That Dream
Sailing With Sandra
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