The Megaphones

Single: Drama Queen

Preview Track – Drama Queen

Featuring an all-star cast of Nashville’s finest soul, rap and jazz stars, The Megaphones are redefining the musical landscape of Nashville with their unique sound, dubbed “hip hop soul” by the band’s creator and songwriter, saxophonist Rahsaan Barber.  Featuring the musical gifts of Nashville’s powerhouse of soul, Jason Eskridge, as lead vocalist alongside the gritty rap of emcee, Crisis, the band has developed a following that transcends generations and backgrounds with its’ high energy horn section, positive lyrics, and cutting-edge performances featuring free-style rap and instrumental improvisation. In a few short months together, the band has become a sensation in Music City, and was honored in May of 2013 as one of six bands invited to play the 15th Annual NARAS Block Party.

 “I completely adore the music of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, and all the other bands and musicians out there that bring people together with great musicianship, genuine songwriting, and a vision of music that celebrates love and respect over materialism and the other issues that seem so commonplace in contemporary music.  I truly believe in that all-too-often forgotten notion that people can use music to change the world, rather than simply to cope with it. With The Megaphones, you’ll get none of the tired clichés that run rampant in much of today’s hip hop and R&B music, and one of the best feel-good shows you’ll see anywhere.”
Rahsaan Barber, bandleader and creator of The Megaphones

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